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  • Crude Oil Prices Slip Again As Higher-For-Longer Rate Prospects Dent Supply Hopes
    DailyFX - Market News - 13 minutes ago
    Monetary policy questions are trumping geopolitics in the energy market
  • USD/JPY Latest: Trilateral Meeting Hints at Co-ordinated Intervention Effort
    DailyFX - Market News - 2 hours ago
    A trilateral meeting between Japan, Korea and the US focused on FX volatility has offered up the possibility of a coordinated effort to strengthen the Asian currencies
  • Gold (XAU/USD) Price Holds Steady Amid Pause in Middle East Tensions
    DailyFX - Market News - 5 hours ago
    The precious metal is getting a small bid from a slightly weaker US dollar and fears that Iran’s recent drone and missile attack will soon spark retaliatory action from Israel.
  • Kickstart your FX trading for April 18 w/ a technical look at EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD.
    Forexlive RSS Breaking News Feed - 2 minutes ago
    Kickstart your FX trading for April 18, 2024, with a technical look at the 3 major currency pairs – the EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD.The EURUSD moved to a new session high for the week and above a swing area between 1.0655 and 1.0675, but could not extend above the February 1.0694 target. Buyers have turned to sellers. The price is back within the aforementioned swing area.The USDJPY backed off from the highest levels since 1990 on Tuesday at 154.78. Today the corrective low was able to get below its rising 100-day moving average (currently at 154.174), but COULD NOT get below the 38.2% retracement of the last trend moved to the upside at 153.94. Sellers turned to buyers. The price is back above the 100-day moving average. The buyers are still in control. The GBPUSD has been trading up and down this week. Yesterday and today, the price has been…
  • Fed's Bowman doesn't comment on monetary policy in text
    Forexlive RSS Breaking News Feed - 6 minutes ago
    Bowman said late yesterday that while current monetary policy is restrictive, time will tell if it is “sufficiently” restrictive. The format of these comments is a ‘fireside chat’ so there could be more to come. This article was written by Adam Button at
  • Philly Fed April manufacturing business index +15.5 vs +2.3 expected
    Forexlive RSS Breaking News Feed - 43 minutes ago
    Philly Fed business index:Two-year highPrior was +3.2Employment: -10.7 vs -9.6 priorNew orders: +12.2 vs +5.4 priorPrices paid: +23.0 vs +3.7 priorPrices received: +5.5 vs +4.6 priorShipments: +19.1 vs +11.4 priorUnfilled orders: +0.8 vs +1.0 priorDelivery times: -9.4 vs -16.7 priorInventories: -8.9 vs +4.4 priorAvg employee workweek: -18.7 vs -0.2 priorLook-ahead indexes:Six month index: +34.3 vs 38.6 priorEmployment: +12.8 vs +5.8 priorNew orders: +42.8 vs +49.9 priorShipments: +29.3 vs +43.9 priorPrices paid: +54.5 vs +38.0 priorPrices received: +34.4 vs +37.1 priorThe jump in prices paid is concerning and fits in with broader worries about inflation, though it could also reflect rising oil prices rather than broad cost pressures.As for prices paid, you could argue that last month was a one-off.It’s also nowhere near where it was in 2022. This article was written by Adam Button at
  • Here’s The Bitcoin Whale Who Dumped $1 Billion In BTC On Binance
    NewsBTC - 13 minutes ago
    Bitcoin has seen its price suffer from the tremendous selling pressure that has filled the market over the last few weeks. However, as investors hope for relief, it seems that the sellers are far from done, with one notable Bitcoin sell transaction in particular sending the market into a frenzy. Whale Dumps $1 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin Whale tracker Whale Alert took to X (formerly Twitter) to inform the crypto community of a large Bitcoin transaction that was participating in the sell-off. The transaction was carrying a total of 16,276 BTC which was worth around $1 billion at the time that the transaction was carried out. Related Reading: XRP Whales Are On The Move Again, But Are They Bullish Or Bearish? While large transactions are not out of the ordinary, their destination is often the determinant of whether it is a bearish or bullish transaction. In cases where the coins…
  • Crypto Trader Predicts Next 100x Opportunity After 170x And 520x Wins
    NewsBTC - 1 hour ago
    One of the crypto community’s most notable traders at the moment, Ansem (@blknoiz06), has recently ignited interest with his latest prediction, claiming another potential 100x opportunity. This time, his focus is on a new development on the Bitcoin network, which he believes is currently undervalued by the market. Ansem stated via X: Next 100x opp is runes on Bitcoin, 95% of CT is not paying attention to this at all compare volumes on Solana memecoins to current unisat volume & consider the wealth effect if Bitcoiners have their own native altcoins to buy provenance will b v imp here also imo. An In-depth Analysis Of Ansem’s Successes Lookonchain, a reputable on-chain analysis firm, provided an exhaustive look at Ansem’s latest trading history and strategy. Their analysis reveals a pattern of early investments in nascent cryptocurrencies that later became highly lucrative. Ansem(@blknoiz06) – the best crypto trader who: 170x on $SOL…
  • All Quiet On The Bitcoin ETF Front – Should You Be Paranoid?
    NewsBTC - 3 hours ago
    The recent approval and launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs have brought about notable changes in market dynamics. Among the most significant players affected is Grayscale, a leading institution in the crypto space. Related Reading: Shiba Inu Open Interest Explodes On Top Exchanges – Is This The Comeback? Grayscale’s Bitcoin Holdings Experience Decline Grayscale, known for its Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), held the highest BTC market capitalization among institutions. However, an in-depth analysis reveals a decline in its Bitcoin holdings over recent months. From nearly 620,000 BTC in January, Grayscale’s holdings have dwindled to a little over 300,000 BTC at the time of reporting. This decline raises questions about the factors influencing institutional investment strategies in the crypto sector. Spot Bitcoin ETFs Witness Fluctuating Flows Following the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs, the market has witnessed fluctuating flows across various platforms. While certain ETFs have experienced significant volume, others have recorded zero…
  • Transaction Fees Soar on Bitcoin Network as Network Braces for Halving
    Bitcoin News - 21 minutes ago
    According to recent data, bitcoin transaction fees have significantly increased since the first week of April. Metrics show that the average fee has escalated to 133 satoshis per virtual byte or $19.48 per transaction. Bitcoin Fees Climb Steadily as Runes Protocol Launch Nears The cost of sending bitcoin (BTC) onchain is climbing, with the halving […]
  • Eigenlayer Launches on Ethereum Amid Concerns Over Centralization and Potential Security Threats
    Bitcoin News - 1 hour ago
    Eigenlayer launched on Ethereum’s mainnet with over $12 billion in total value locked, aiming to create a restaking ecosystem which, while promising lucrative prospects, may introduce unforeseen risks including potential centralization and the threat of slashing cascades impacting Ethereum’s security. The launch was executed with certain safeguards, such as the temporary disabling of slashing and […]
  • Bitcoin Miners Remain Optimistic About Future Despite Anticipated Revenue Loss
    Bitcoin News - 1 hour ago
    Although Bitcoin’s halving is expected to result in reduced block rewards for miners, several CEOs of bitcoin mining firms maintain a bullish outlook. In addition to investing in more efficient equipment, miners believe spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) will continue to drive up the value of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Halving to Cost Miners Billions in […]
  • EUR/USD Price Aiming to Test 1.07 Level as Risk Tone Improves
    Forex Crunch - 51 minutes ago
    The false breakdowns announced a new leg higher. The median line acts as a magnet and attracts the price. Taking out 1.0664 signaled further growth. The EUR/USD price is trading in the green at 1.0678 at the time of writing. The pair looks positive to hit new highs near 1.0700 area. The US dollar is… The post EUR/USD Price Aiming to Test 1.07 Level as Risk Tone Improves appeared first on Forex Crunch.
  • USD/CAD Outlook: Dollar Pauses Rally Amid Profit Taking
    Forex Crunch - 6 hours ago
    The dollar retreated on Tuesday as investors paused after a steep rally. Hawkish Fed remarks that changed the outlook for rate cuts in the US. Recent inflation data from Canada revealed a decline in price increases. The USD/CAD outlook points to a temporary downtrend as investors take profits on their long dollar positions. Moreover, the… The post USD/CAD Outlook: Dollar Pauses Rally Amid Profit Taking appeared first on Forex Crunch.
  • GBP/USD Forecast: Pound Rebounds on Mild Inflation Drop
    Forex Crunch - 7 hours ago
    UK inflation fell from 3.4% in February to 3.2% in March. Governor Bailey said the decline in inflation aligned with the central bank’s forecasts. There is more caution about rate cuts in the US. Things are looking up in the GBP/USD forecast as the pound stages a recovery following a smaller-than-expected decline in inflation. At… The post GBP/USD Forecast: Pound Rebounds on Mild Inflation Drop appeared first on Forex Crunch.