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Best Stock Market Youtube Channels

Lets get right into it! If you are new to the stock market or looking to sharpen your trading skills, you must check out our top 5 Best stock market YouTube channel for 2023.

Stock trading IS difficult and also is NOT a quick way to get rich without a high amount of risk, but there are plenty of YouTube channels that you can learn from.

All of these Stock Market youtubers are well established and have thousands of subscribers.

Our list consists of the best stock market YouTube channels with links to their channels so you can check them out right then and there, plus we included a description of each youtuber and how many subscriber they have. While you are here, don’t forget forget to check out our Forex Blog for more financial and Forex content.

FYI we are NOT affiliated with any of the channels below, Enjoy!

Updated for 2023.

Top Stock Market YouTube Channels List

  • Meet Kevin
  • Andrei Jikh
  • Graham Stephen
  • Financial Education 
  • FX Evolution

Top 5 Stock Market YouTube Channels


FX Evolution ( 129,000 Subscribers)

Channel Summary

FX Evolution start way back in February 2012. Since then they have accumulated over 18 million YouTube views across all their videos. The FX Evolution group was founded in 2021 by a group of fund managers and traders looking to help the average FX and stock trader learn industry trading skills. The channel primarily focuses on trading and investing education for forex, commodities, crypto and stocks. They also have daily market update video’s that look ahead to the next trading session. On occasion they hold live Monday stock market open streams on Youtube.

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Channel Link: FX Evolution

This channel feature videos and content on:

  • In-depth Technical trading analysis.
  • Daily stock market analysis video’s.
  • Economic factors in markets, interest rates, CPI and other economic indicators.
  • Big news events and market reaction.


Financial Education ( 720,000 Subscribers)

Channel Summary

Financial Education was created by Jeremy Lefebvre in 2016. The channel is one of the oldest on YouTube in the finance/stock category. In his videos Jeremy goes in-depth on specific stocks that he is invested in and or is potentially looking to purchase a certain stock. He explains why he buys each specific stock with stats and insights to back up his purchase or potential purchase.  He also is very transparent on what stocks he owns, sharing the amount he purchased and when. 

Channel Link: Financial Education

This channel feature videos and content on:

  • Stocks Jeremey is buy or potentially buying.
  • In-depth views on specific stocks.
  • General market sentiment and insights.
  • Growth stocks, mid to large cap.


Graham Stephen ( 4,240,000 Subscribers)

Channel Summary

The creator of the channel is Graham Stephan. He started creating videos in 2016 and now has one of the largest YouTube financial channels. He posts video’s regularly and they are always well done with accurate information and trustworthy due diligence. Graham doesn’t  focus solely on the stock market, he also posts videos on real estate investing, general market insight, cryptos and more.

Channel Link: Graham Stephan

This channel feature videos and content on:

  • Real estate investing.
  • Tips on saving money.
  • Stock market analysis.
  • Current events on finance and markets.
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Andrei Jikh ( 2,210,000 Subscribers)

Channel Summary

This Stock YouTube channel is called Andrei Jikh and features the creator himself, Andrei Jikh. He is a popular YouTuber known for his magic and card trick tutorials, as well as his personal finance and investing content. Creating the channel in March 2017, the channel has amassed over 250 million views from his 100s of video’s. 

His content mainly focuses on stock trading, Cryptocurrencies and general finance. Overall, Andrei Jikh’s YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in card tricks, personal finance, and investing. His engaging and informative videos provide valuable insights and his entertaining personality makes them fun to watch. Andrei posts regularly a few times a week.

Channel Link: Andrei Jikh

This channel feature videos and content on:

  • Personal Finance and Investing
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Real estate
  • Dividend income and stocks


Meet Kevin (1,860,000 Subscribers)

Channel Summary

Meet Kevin started his channel back in 2010. He started off mostly focusing on real estate and real estate investing, Since then the channel has grown to include Stock market insights and stock market live streams. Kevin posts video’s sometimes multiple times a day.  He usually live streams daily during the market open and market close. Kevin’s videos are always high quality and full of insightful information. Kevin is also very transparent on his trades, trade balances, stocks traded and the amount of money he has invested.

Channel Link: Meet Kevin

This channel feature videos and content on:

  • Daily market open and close Live-stream.
  • Interviews with company CEO’s and others in the finance sector.
  • Real estate investing.
  • US Political insights and analysis.
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Stock trading has gotten increasingly more popular and this trend will continue. I believe everyone can trade in the stock market with a high level of education and confidence. 

The Stock market YouTube channels we have listen above, will help any newbie trader or even experienced traders expand on their trading knowledge. 

Trading stocks can be fun and a great way to have your money grow, but it also can be high risk and you could lose a lot or all of your money if you don’t know what you are doing. Trade smart, Happy investing!

None of this is trading or investment advice. Be sure to talk to a financial advisor before making any stock market investments.