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Top Crypto YouTube Channels

Lets get right too it! If you are new to Cryptocurrencies then look no further than our list of the Top Crypto YouTube channels in 2023. Cryptos have been getting increasingly popular is the last couple years. Many curious people are looking for in-depth information on topics such as crypto investing, trading, mining, staking etc., the list goes on and on. 

Understanding Cryptocurrencies IS difficult, but there are plenty of YouTube channels that you can learn from. 

All of these Cryptocurrency YouTubers are established and have thousands of subscribers, if not millions. 

Our list consists of the best Crypto channels with links to their respective channels so you can check them out right then and there, plus we have included a description of each channel and how many subscriber they each have.

It must be noted that we are NOT affiliated with any of the Crypto channels listed below. These are my favorite channels when it comes to learning and finding the latest information about Cryptocurrencies. Also be sure to check out our list of the Best Crypto Podcasts.

Top Crypto YouTube Channels List 2023

  • Coin Bureau – Best overall
  • BitBoy Crypto – Most popular 
  • Whiteboard Crypto – Best whiteboard explainer
  • Dapp University – In-depth Dapp courses
  • Finematics – Good Explainer
  • Digital Asset News – Best for Crypto news
  • Altcoin Daily – Good for altcoins
  • Benjamin Cowen – Best for technical analysis


8 Best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels


Joined YouTube: 16 Jan 2019

The Coin Bureau is my most favorite Crypto YouTube channel of all time. The channels main face is named Guy and he takes the audience all around and everything to do with Crypto. His teams videos are always top quality and are full of very informative crypto related content. New videos are posted almost everyday on current topics in the Cryptocurrency sector ranging from Crypto fundamentals, analysis, crypto deep dives, down to which wallets are the best. For me, Guy and the Coin Bureau are my top most trustworthy source of Cryptocurrency news and Information. 

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This Crypto channel feature videos on:

  • Crypto reports
  • Weekly Crypto news
  • Market analysis
  • In-depth look at individual Cryptocurrencies
  • Price predictions
  • NFT and Metaverse content


Joined YouTube: 07 Feb  2019

BitBoy Crypto is a channel where you can get the latest crypto news, reviews and trading advice. Learn the latest news when it comes to many different coins such as bitcoin, Ethereum and many more. BitBoy post daily videos and also does live stream crypto video’s. People who enjoy watching live streams will appreciate the BitBoy YouTube channel. They also have their own branded community called BitSquad.

This Crypto channel feature videos on:

  • Crypto live streams
  • Daily news
  • NFT & Metaverse content
  • In-depth on individual Cryptocurrencies 


Joined YouTube: 19 Mar  2021

Whiteboard crypto is exactly what the name suggests. They are crypto explainer videos done on a virtual whiteboard with clear animations, narrations and comparisons to make it easier to understand what they are trying to explain. Whiteboard crypto is one of the best “explainer” crypto channels on YouTube and is highly recommended.

This Crypto channel feature videos on:

  • Whiteboard Crypto explainer content
  • Specific token and Coins
  • Common Crypto questions explained
  • Defi and wallet content


Joined YouTube:11

Jan 2018

The next one on our list is called Dapp University. Generally this channel is about learning to building Dapps, which are decentralized app mostly on the Ethereum blockchain. The channels creator also posts daily crypto market insights and live streams. The channels creator Gregory, is a highly knowledgeable blockchain developer. His Daily market analysis and other related cryptocurrency video’s are always well done and full of educational content.

This Crypto channel feature videos on:

  • Web 3.0 Content
  • Daily market analysis
  • Crypto insights and predictions
  • Blockchain development courses
  • In-depth content on Ethereum
  • Dapp Courses and content
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Joined YouTube: 24 Apr 2014

The next Crypto channel on our list is called Finematics. They create educational videos on Defi which is decentralized finance. Their easy to understand “whiteboard explainer” videos make learning about certain defi protocols a breeze. Finemaitcs videos are not only informative but their explainer style makes it actually enjoyable to watch. When it comes to everything Defi I trust Finematics video’s the most.

This Crypto channel feature videos on:

  • Crypto explainer content
  • Defi and NFTs
  • Whiteboard animated explanations


Joined YouTube: 2 Oct 2014

The next one here is called Digital Asset News. They do exactly what their name would suggest, they create daily video’s on news related to Crypto and other digital assets. They take in-depth looks into the technicals and fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies. Digital Asset News is the only news based Crypto channel on our list. 

This Crypto channel feature videos on:

  • Current Cryptocurrency news
  • Other digital asset news
  • Current events and the relation to crypto


Joined YouTube: 18

 Jan 2018

Altcoin Daily is the next crypto related channel on our list. The creators of the channel are brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold. Their daily uploads include topics on everything on cryptos, market analysis, current news and education. The brother duo claim to be huge Bitcoiners and that their main goal is to use altcoins to stack more Bitcoin. Aaron and Austin have many years of crypto experience between them, so their channel is definitely worth a subscription.

This Crypto channel feature videos on:

  • Daily Altcoin Content
  • News, market analysis
  • Crypto education
  • Altcoin perspectives and opinions
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Joined YouTube: 13

 Jun 2019

The next Crypto channel on our list is called Benjamin Cowen. The channels creator Benjamin, dives deep into the metrics that drive the crypto market mainly through technical analysis. He uses his skills as an academic with a background in science, engineering and programing to build technical analysis videos for the most common cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Benjamin posts daily video’s and his analysis is definitely valuable to any digital asset trader.

This Crypto channel feature videos on:

  • Daily crypto technical analysis
  • Mainly Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top altcoin content
  • For crypto traders

Key points to remember when watching Crypto YouTube Channels

  • Crypto trading or any related investments are not a get rich quick scheme.
  • Just because you watched some Crypto YouTube videos doesn’t instantly make you an “expert” or pro trader/investor.
  • “Using high leverage will make you highly profitable” **Leverage will make you Lose your money at a much faster rate.



Our comprehensive and diverse list of the Top Crypto YouTube channels are a must for any beginner, intermediate or expert. There are channels for any kind of level of crypto knowledge base. It is always advisable to talk to a financial professional when it comes to investing any substantial sums of money. Have fun in the new world of Cryptocurrency!

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