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Understanding the Forex Pricing

When you trade Forex, you have to deal with many Forex Rates.  Understanding currency pairs is the first step to trading in Forex. You need to as well understand the Forex rates pricing.  The price of one currency is always determined in terms of another currency.

Let us consider you want to know the price of the European euro. For purposes of understanding with ease, let us say that 1 EUR = 2 USD.  This means to buy 1 EUR you will have to pay 2 USD.  In other words, if you want to convert 1 EUR to USD, you will be getting 2 USD for 1 EUR.  Therefore, the exchange rate between USD and EUR is 2.

How much is 100 Usd to Eur?

You can quickly and easily calculated any currency pair difference with the Forex converter at the top of this page.